With CASHlib, you can feel confident and secure when spending onlineCASHlib makes the way you pay and play on the Internet as easy and safe as possible, by turning your coins and banknotes into eMoney. 

CASHlib is a prepaid voucher turning money into a unique 16 digits PIN code. The 16-digit PIN code and value ensure that your money is secure, but never give any part of the code to anyone else. Indeed, divulging your PIN code is like giving away money to someone else and it cannot be returned. If you are the only one to know your details, then only you can use your PIN code.

A CASHlib holder is totally responsible for the non-divulgation of his/her voucher (16 digits long) code, which is strictly confidential and must not be shared with any third party under no circumstances (email, social media, online etc.. ). Just like cash, you cannot spend more than the amount of CASHlib you have.






Only use CASHlib on the websites mentioned on the official website of CASHlib, as only genuine CASHlib accepting websites can redeem your PIN code, but be aware of fake websites that look “too good to be true”.

Therefore, never use CASHlib to pay advance fees, fines, utility tax/bills, Computer licenses, to unblock computers, to pay individuals or any kind of animal purchase or relocation of animals. Please note that CASHlib is not a payment method used by the Authorities, lawyers, notaries…

Should you have any question regarding the reliability of a site where you want to redeem a voucher, please refer to the CASHlib official website or contact us at support@cashlib.com