Online purchase

No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is for you!

No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is made for you!


Stay Safe

At CASHlib, we want our customers to feel confident and secure when spending online. CASHlib makes the way you pay and play on the Internet as easy and safe as possible by turning your coins and banknotes into eMoney.

You can pay for goods and services online without having to reveal bank or card details, and you can maintain full control of how much is debited.

No unauthorised repeat payments are possible due to each transaction being secured by a unique voucher 'PINcode' with over 10 billion possible combinations.

Because of the strength of our technology, you do not need to supply your name and address details to verify the payment, thus significantly reducing the risk of identity theft.

Only genuine Cashlib-accepting websites can redeem your PINcode, but be aware of fake websites that look ‘too good to be true’

Just like cash, you cannot spend more than the amount of CASHlib you have

The 16-digit PIN code and value ensure that your cash is secure, but never give any part of the code to anyone else

If you are the only one to know your details then only you can spend your PINcode.

So never use CASHlib to pay advance fees, to pay individuals or to unblock computer.

Never give your PINcode to anyone via telephone.