Online purchase

No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is for you!

No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is made for you!



1. SAFE :

CASHlib are safe means to pay on the internet because you do not disclose any bank account or card numbers. They replace cash, enabling you to use cash to pay online. So even if you loose your voucher, no hacking of accounts or abuse of cards can occur. 

Pay at an accredited website and you can be sure the site is trustworthy. Because it is a voucher, no one can take repeate payments from your voucher. It is also an ideal way to keep your spending under control 


2. EASY :

  • Pay up until 250€ in one go
  • Combine several vouchers up to 1.000€ per payment transaction
  • A value you can chose yourself e.g. 23,75€
  • Check the balance of your voucher onlinE
  • No unauthorised repeat payments.


3. QUICK :

  • Instant payment
  • No registration needed
  • No waiting time until your payment shows up into your wallet