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No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is for you!

No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is made for you!


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Why should you accept CASHlib ?

Reach new customers – Research shows that every new payment option increases conversion rates. Use CASHlib to help attract new customers and generate new revenue.

Expand boundaries – CASHlib will help you reach and convert new customers from new countries. Geography will no longer be a barrier.

More choice makes you the preferred choice – By adding CASHlib as a payment option you will be reaching a market that your competitors may be missing out on.

Hassle-free integration – Integrating CASHlib into your website is simple with little IT effort required.

No monthly or annual fees – Costs for CASHlib are directly and only related to transactions making it easy to budget.

Risk-free – Since CASHlib is just like cash, it removes the risk of payment rejection and charge-backs.