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No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is for you!

No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is made for you!



Why you should you sell CASHlib:

Retail Outlets - If you provide face to face services to customers you could become a CASHlib distributor, earning commission on every CASHlib transaction processed on our behalf.

Pinshops – If you offer prepaid services to customers online, add CASHlib among the products you offer.



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Why selling CASHlib can help your business grow:

Increase bottom line revenue – Businesses selling CASHlib earn revenue on every CASHlib code sold.

No card fees – Customers pay in cash so it doesn’t cost you to sell CASHlib.

Benefit from high transaction value – The average value of a CASHlib code delivers more revenue per transaction than mobile phone top ups.

Attract new customers and increase revenue – Offering CASHlib in your outlet will deliver new customer footfall. CASHlib will be the reason they arrive – once they are in your store they are likely to spend on other goods and services too, creating an uplift in sales as a whole.

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