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No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is for you!

No Card, no Bank!

CASHlib is made for you!


CASHlib, Say hello to the future !

Cashlib is not only good as a payment method, but it also has a lot of great functions for users. Especially, if they are interested in trying out something new. At first, it was introduced for users of France. But then, things have changed and now it is available almost in any European country.

However, it works primarily with euros, which means that the player will need to dedicate a couple of minutes to exchange money on the needed currency.

It is pretty easy to start using this method. The first thing that the player should do is to go to the official website and sign up. It will give a chance on getting a personal profile, which is needed to make all operations possible.

However, in order to get it, the user should also have an account in any local bank. If the gamer connect debit or credit card to the profile, it will be possible to use money out of it in any offline store or shop. It means that the player will not have any troubles with performing all needed financial operations with a single service.



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